Powder Coating

"Exceeding the expectations of our customers and seeking continual improvement"

Grupo IMSSA is equipped to meet the requirements of applying paint in powder and liquid. We have the widest range of coatings depending on the final use of your piece. We have 4 production lines to offer the most economical solution of excellent quality

Painting Process:



The painted piece is subjected to a general clean through chemists.



After passing the drying area for the part to be free of all moisture.    


Is then introduced to the paint booth    


Goes to the curing oven. Depending on the material of the object to paint, change the specifications in terms of time and temperature.    


It performs quality inspection    


Final Inspection:






















Our Mission and Vision

GRUPO IMSSA (Ingeniería en Manufacturas y Servicios S.A de C.V.) A Mexican specialized service provider company with a track record of over 10 years of continuous growth in the various activities we develop as a company, including: electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and automation installations as well as powder coating and civil engineering.